We have the background

What We Do Best

Distacom's core competencies are: building wireless networks; branding wireless operations and services in competitive markets and structuring project finance.

Building Wireless Operations

Distacom knows what is happening within the industry and is aggressive about growing its business. Distacom had built a billion-dollar company with interests in Hong Kong, Japan, India, Italy and Madagascar. Along the way the team had mastered the intricacies of planning local networks and distributing wireless services in divergent markets in different topographical, cultural, social and economic background with widely varying consumer preferences.

Distacom knows how to prosper in difficult and challenging market places. As entrepreneurial and problem-solving people, the Distacom team foresaw the potential of new networks in emerging markets.

Branding Wireless Services

Distacom is a brand leading organization. While partnered with Hutchison Telecom, the management team created the Orange brand for Europe. It was the first example of consumerization of telecommunications and it was an initiative that had a profound effect on the industry. Distacom had since continued on to develop leading wireless brand for every market they have entered - SUNDAY in Hong Kong, J-Phone in Japan, Spice in India, blu in Italy and Madacom in Madagascar.

Structuring Project Finance

Any sizable telecom operation demands significant capital to start with. From their track record of strong and trusting relationships with prestigious institutional investors and financial institutions, the Distacom team has proven more than knowing how to access capital and structure project finance.