About Distacom Group

Distacom Group sees and thinks beyond borders. The Distacom team comprises top-notch business leaders with the vision and the drive to succeed in the most challenging markets.

Distacom is a private holding company having a track record spanning nearly half a century of investing, building, rolling-out and operating multiple wireless businesses. In the 1970's Distacom launched its first paging service in Canada. It then expanded to Hong Kong and ran the most successful paging company in the market. In the early '80s, Distacom tied up with Motorola and Hutchison to win one of the first mobile licenses in Hong Kong, now one of the world's most sophisticated wireless markets in the world in terms of service penetration and customer choice. In the early 1990's, the Distacom management team initiated the Orange brand while partnered with Hutchison Telecom.

Distacom's talent lies in bringing together operational, technical and marketing expertise to build wireless infrastructure throughout Asia, Europe, Africa and the world. Distacom nurtures wireless joint ventures by providing complementary skills to both local and multi-national partners.

Focusing on developing marketplaces, Distacom creates from greenfield, wireless operations that succeed from a commercial, technical and ultimately financial point of view. This is done by an experienced team who:

Comfortable with both controlling or minority ownership, Distacom is an ideal partner for wireless joint-venture projects in developing markets.

The Distacom team is able to consistently make the right decisions when and where needed. Their experience allows them to anticipate and pre-empt potential problems, their personal involvement ensures critical decisions are only a phone call or an email away.